V E R T E "The feminine French word for green"

Hey! I'm Yemani the founder of V E R T E (which has been in the works for a while, but only come into physical form February 2021)


I've always had a personal love of natural skincare and holistic care. There are so many natural plant based resources, which have proven to have amazing properties, and health benefits for many years.

The name verte is the French feminine word for green, which felt fitting. It connects to devine femininity of creation and plant based creation.

I love the whole process of creating a product from scratch. 

Knowing exactly how/where each ingredient is sourced is important to me. It's such a therapeutic process, and my goal is to create selfcare staples that are easy multi-use products with a real sense of purpose, that everyone can use. 

I've always drawn to minimalism. Simple with a luxury feel. There's so much beauty in simplicity, and that's really the vibe of VERTE.


For PR and all general enquires please contact us via email